The MoeGrow Shopping List

August 12, 2008 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment

The List:
-6 oz Jojoba Oil
-Horsetail Herb
-Sunflower Oil
-Castor Oil

I was really impatient today, so I went to Whole Foods during lunch to buy the ingredients. I had never been to Whole Foods, and now I know why people call the place Whole Paycheck! The jojoba oil was $7.99 for a 4 oz bottle O_O I read that coconut oil could also be used for MoeGrow, so I bought a 15 oz jar for $8.99. Whole Foods didn’t have any loose horsetail herb, so I bought the capsulized version.

Now the sunflower and castor oils are on the shopping list because a while back Afrobella mentioned that the UK singer Estelle likely uses the oil cleansing method. Estelle has some fabulous skin, so I’m giving this oil cleansing method a try.

Let me tell you breaking apart the capsules was a royal pain in the ass. I will definitely be looking for an internet vendor for loose herbs!

Here are some pictures of MoeGrow in its initial state:

I wasn’t expecting it to be green, lol. Now it has to sit for three days so the herbs can infuse with the oil. After that I’ll mix in the aloe vera and give MoeGrow a try. I can’t wait!!


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Magical Oil! MoeGrow Adjustment

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